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GET-2019 Topper Shashank dreamt of serving the country

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21-year-old Shashank Mangal from Murena district of Madhya Pradesh has topped the Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering (GATE) 2019 with 989 score out of 1000. While GATE is used as an entrance gateway to government jobs and colleges in India and abroad, Mangal wishes to stay in the country and wants to work for its development. He secured 6214 rank in Joint Engineering Examination (JEE) Advanced.

The final year student at the IIT, Dhanbad said, “I might join a public sector undertaking (PSU) and prepare for Indian Engineering Services (IES) exam. While I will discuss with my seniors and take a final decision later but I always dreamt of serving the country and becoming part of the government.”

‘I would like to do something like to device something to move our paper-pen-based economy to an automated one where everyone will have equal, fair and quick access to things,’ said Mangal whose final year project is on Machine Learning (ML).

He cracked the GATE exam with only 3 months of preparation. “I loved to crack tough questions. Most of the difficult questions test your logic and if one has their basics clear, they will have fun solving such questions. Even during the exam, I started with solving difficult questions first,” he said adding that the GATE 2019 was comparatively difficult than that of the previous years’.

While preparing for GATE, he found, analogue circuit and control systems to be challenging subjects. He also said to have devoted more time to the two concepts as they contribute to higher marks in the exam.

Mangal spent 11-12 hours a day in GATE preparation. “Once my final exams were over, I devoted 11-12 hours a day to GATE preparations. Also, I had attended a GATE preparation crash course during my summer breaks,” said Mangal.  he said, “It is one thing to know your concepts and another to apply them in the exam. It is important to practice online test series, it helps you practice the concepts in an exam-like pressure situation.”

Mangal got inspiration from his father. “My father is an engineer. He imbibed in me the love of mathematics. Since childhood, I am good at this subject and treat it as a problem-solving practice. My elder sister is also an engineer,” said Mangal who decided in class 12 that he would choose electronics related engineering field. Mangal’s mother is a homemaker.

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