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Madras HC restraint on IIT-K from evaluating JEE Advanced answer sheets

JEE-Advansed,2018 : Full marks to those who didn’t follow instructions will affect ranking of others

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The Madras High Court on June7 restrained IIT-Kanpur from evaluating answer sheets of the JEE Advanced 2018, conducted on May 20, on the basis of an explanation issued by it after the completion of the examination.

The clarification stated that even those who had not answered numerical questions in decimal notations, as they were instructed before the examination, shall be given full marks.

Justice S. Vaidyanathan passed the interim order on a writ petition filed by Chennai-based advocate R. Lakshmanan on behalf of his 17-year-old daughter L. Lakshmi Sree.

The petitioner’s daughter had cleared JEE-Mains and taken the JEE-Advanced through online format from a designated centre here. He pointed out that a particular section in the question paper contained eight questions and the answer to each of those questions was a numerical value.

Test instructions

Before the examination, the students were instructed to answer all the eight questions in decimal notations. It was made clear that full marks would be awarded only to those who enter the correct numerical value as per the instructions issued to them.

The petitioner said awarding full marks to candidates who did not follow the instructions would affect the results and overall ranking of others who had done so.

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