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Global Innovation 2020: A Strategic Vision for Economic Growth

World Intellectual Property Forum organizing a Conference from 14th to 16th November 2018 at New Delhi, Aerocity

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World Intellectual Property Forum is organizing one of the best Global IP event from 14th to 16th November 2018 at Hotel Pullman in New Delhi, Aerocity. The theme for the three-day conference is ‘Global Innovation 2020: A Strategic Vision for Economic Growth’.

This conference will focus on recent developments in Intellectual Property and its syncing with business objectives.

Opportunities for Business Networking

‘This conference will also provide ample opportunities for business networking with visionary entrepreneurs and industry experts around the world. Each one of speakers is an expert in their respective field with years of experience. These IP specialists share the latest trends, insights and strategies for patent procurement, litigation, trademark issues and other topical IP issues’ the IP Moment founder director Dr. Paresh Kumar Dave said.

Intellectual Professionals LLP

Organiser Intellectual Professionals LLP mainly caters into the field of Intellectual Property Awareness throughout Asia. Its motto is to stitch the innovators, scientists, lawyers, corporate houses and all other IP honchos into a single thread. It create the platform for socio-economically backward people by identifying their talents and thus protecting their creation.

Global Platform

Intellectual Professionals LLP creates recognizable focus in high-lighting the hidden IP strengths of Asia in front of the western world. People from all over the world like USA, Australia, Japan, UK, India, Thailand, Netherlands, Switzerland, Singapore, Canada, Germany, Brazil, Finland, Indonesia, Turkey, South Africa, Hungary and many other countries reunite through this platform into a single core or platform and share their knowledge, techniques and exchange their ideas for a better tomorrow.
This platform mainly focuses into knowledge sharing and thus fills up the previous gaps of un-certainty into a booming business opportunity which was previously unexplored and un-ventured.

It was a long haul through several obstacles before the inception of this idea took place and came into reality. Intellectual Professionals LLP is based in India. Our bull’s eye is mainly networking and knowledge sharing.

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