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Three IIT-BHU students receive Rs 1.52 crore offer

  • A US-based company gave an offer of Rs 1.52 crore ($214 thousand) to three students of the IIT-BHU. 
  • This is the highest package by an IITian, this placement season. Total 683 students got job offer.
Three students from the Indian Institute of Technology-Banaras Hindu University (IIT-BHU) has made a new record by grabbing Rs 1.52 crore job offer.
In the on-going campus placement, four students have received packages of over a crore. A total of 144 companies have offered 683 jobs to the students of the Institute.
IIT-BHU campus
A US-based company gave an offer of Rs 1.52 crore to three students of the IIT-BHU. Earlier, another US company has already paid a student Rs 1.06 crore ($149 thousand).
This year, 100 per cent placement has been recorded from the four departments of the IIT-BHU. In the Computer Science 79 ( 63 and IDD 16), Electrical Engineering 106 (B.Tech 83 and IDD 23), 90 B Tech students of Electronics Engineering and 18 students of IDD Department of Mathematical Sciences are included. (IDD – Integrated Dual Degree).
11 companies offered 48 jobs with a maximum package of Rs 12.50 lakh and minimum Rs 7.25 lakh. The companies that had come to the campus are Optum (SDE), Axtria, Honetwell, Indshine, Tata Communications, Tata Steel, HCL, ZS Associates, Novarites, IVP and Smart Cube.
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