Monday, 22 July, 2024 the World’s First AI based tool for free cancer treatment reports

85% cancer patients prefer to know the possible treatment options. is the World’s first healthtech platform focusing on Integrative Oncology.

Newswave @ Mumbai the World’s First Integrative Oncology healthtech platform, has received global recognition at the European Society for Medical Oncology (ESMO) Annual Virtual Congress on September 21 for introducing the World’s First AI-based tool to generate directional cancer treatment assessment reports free of cost: ZIOPAR ( Integrative Oncology Preliminary Assessment Report). This is soon after launched India’s first online cancer community–CANNECT. dedicated to connecting cancer patients, survivors, caregivers and other healthcare professionals to share their experiences and knowledge to inspire each other. Both these accomplishments have been in collaboration with its sister concern Love Heals Cancer (section 80G registered NGO).

The newly diagnosed cancer patients per clinical oncologist ratio is poor at 150+ in 76% countries of the world, which can result in a low quality of care for many cancer patients. 85% cancer patients prefer to know the possible treatment options. ZIOPARTM provides detailed AI-based directional cancer treatment assessment reports (20-25 pages) free of cost to patients to guide them on possible treatment options, covering both medical as well as complementary treatment approaches, diagnostic tests required, and complementary treatment approaches (including guidelines on nutrition, fitness, stress-management, and symptom management). ZIOPARTM is based on standard protocols, guidelines and research by esteemed organizations in oncology, such as ESMO, Society of Integrative Oncology (SIO), National Comprehensive Cancer Network (NCCN), AmericanSociety of Clinical Oncology (ASCO).

ZIOPAR is free to use to empower and educate millions of cancer patients inknowing their possible treatment options, asking the right questions to their doctors, and being confident in their treatment. CANNECT is another free platform introduced by to connect cancer warriors with each other.

21,000+ cancer patients in 16 countries

Kishan Shah

Kishan Shah, Co-founder of and Love Heals Cancer, says “Being recognised globally at the ESMO Annual Virtual Congress 2020 is a testimony to our dedication to making quality integrative cancer care accessible to all. ZIOPARTM is the result of countless months of efforts put in by oncologists, scientists, technology team and feedback from patients. We have already helped 21,000+ cancer patients in 16 countries through ZIOPARTM, but there is still a huge scope to help millions of cancer patients.We are also very proud to launch India’s first cancer community – CANNECT to bring together thousands of cancer warriors.”

CANNECT brings together all cancer warriors

Dimple Parmar, Co-founder of and Love Heals Cancer, adds “ZIOPAR is an advanced tool based on Artificial Intelligence to educate and empower cancer patients to know their indicative treatment plan on both medical and complementary treatment fronts.We have also been receiving requests from thousands of cancer patients that they want to connect with other cancer warriors who have either gone through or are going through a similar cancer journey . CANNECT brings together all cancer warriors to connect with, learn from and inspire each other.Because we heal together in a community.”

About and Love Heals Cancer is the World’s First Integrative Oncology healthtech platform; Love Heals Cancer is an Integrative Oncology-focused NGO registered under Section 80G. Their common vision is to make quality integrative cancer care accessible to all. Aim is to improve quality of life and extend life for cancer patients through Integrative Oncology treatment, which includesmedical treatment as well as complementary treatment. has partnered with 150+ Hospitals, 1,500+ Oncologists, and 200+ Diagnostic labs across India to provide medical also has a team of onco-nutritionists, onco-psychologists and physiotherapists to help cancer patients with side effect and symptom management to improve their quality of life.Together, both organizations have counseled 3,000+ cancer patients, organized 100+ events, and touched 15,000+ lives. and Love Heals Cancer are pioneers in changing cancer care through their technological innovations.

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