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5 Student-friendly Edtech Startups

Innovative platforms that transforming the Education Ecosystem in India

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The Indian education system has been educating the students starting from the age of five, children are made to fall into the cycle of sitting for classes in school, surviving through the long hours at tuition classes, filling out hundreds of pages as homework.  Nowadays the whole ecosystem of education has changed and it has become more student-friendly to foster effective learning. Edtech startups are the platforms that combines education and innovative technology and provide students education with effective learning methods and solutions.

1. Safeducate

Safeducate is India’s largest training, skilling and consulting firm that specializes in the domains of Supply Chain Management & Logistics. Launched in 2007 by the house of Safexpress, the leading logistics service provider in India, the idea of Safeducate evolved with an aim to meet the demand gap for skilled workforce in the ever-growing logistics of the country. In 2013, Safeducate came into being as a separate legal entity working towards the skilling and empowerment of individuals by offering industry-relevant courses, programs, and workshops. Recently they have launched their mobile app.

 2. Toppr

Toppr is India’s leading after-school learning app on a mission to make earning personalized. It caters to the individual learning styles of candidates and provides the widest K12 syllabus coverage with 1.5 million course combinations. It currently has over 8.5 million students on its platform and helps them prepare for various school, board, and competitive exams. It uses natural language processing to solve student doubts instantly. It also uses artificial intelligence, machine learning, and big data to study student behavior and create adaptive learning paths with infinite combinations. This ensures that every student has a unique and personalized learning experience.

 3. Gradeup

Gradeup is India’s largest exam preparation platform for competitive exams. Through their website and app, they help more than 1.4 crores registered students across 2500 cities in the country to prepare actively for various exams & score better. It is determined to be the most comprehensive & effective exam preparation platform for students in India. Established in the year 2015, Gradeup has become a go-to platform many exams like for JEE, NEET, GATE, SSC, Banking, Railways, Teaching, UPSC, Defense, and State level exams. Aspirants can freely access prep material, quizzes, previous years papers & get answers to their doubts. Additionally, there are certain paid services like Test series and Classroom (Live courses) which aspirants can avail to add further value to their preparation.

4. Adda247

Adda247 is one of the largest education-technology companies in India, focused on helping every student access quality education and training to become capable of cracking the most intensive competitive examinations. The mobile app, which currently holds the position of being the second-largest Ed-tech platform in terms of paid users have been focusing on the growth and proper training of the brightest minds in the country.  The platform has left no stones unturned in creating a hi-tech avenue for enabling seamless delivery of educational content to its students and eventually endeavors to make quality education accessible to the last mile.

5. Brainly

With a strong network of expert students, subject masters and teachers, Brainly is a credible guide providing thoughtful insight with answers that are verified for clarity and accuracy. The platform provides around 50,000,000+ certified answers across the world on a variety of topics every day. Brainlyhelps students with a deeper understanding and grasp over critical classroom content, ranging from solving a particular question to continuous tutoring in a certain subject, with verified step-by-step explanations and follow up material. Founded in 2009, the platform is designed to help students and their parents go ‘beyond the answer’ by boosting inquisitiveness with a never-ending flow of questions and radical solutions.

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