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Suneil Shetty launches new campaign ‘Mission Fit India’

Theme of campaign : “Ab Hoga Fitness, Baayein Haath Ka Khel”

Shri Ram Shaw / Manisha Sharma

Newswave @ New Delhi

Health conscious Bollywood actor Suniel Shetty has launched a countrywide campaign ‘Mission Fit India’ to encourage mental and physical health. As part of the campaign, Mission Fit India has come up with another campaign called Suniel Ki Sena that consist of 20 expertisein different fields.

It includes Shivoham (Crossfit Trainer and Functional Training), Vrinda Mehta, (Mental Fitness), Dr. Rishi Sherekar (The Un-Fitness Expert), Dr. Nikhil Lad (Pain and Posture Management), Shwetha Bhatia (Nutrition Consultant), Lakshit Shetty and Vicky Ratnani (Chefs), Alison Keve (Healthy Baking), Grandmaster Shifuji (Self-defence), Baqar Nasser (Cycling Expert), Garima Malik (Teens and children fitness), Niharika Goenka (Behavioural Nutritionist), Romi Purkayastha (Food Blogger), Pradnya Patil (Sports Physio), Mihier Singh (Functional trainer and Professional Athlete), Neha Sahaya (Nutrition Consultant), Komal Shah (Healing through Dance and Music), Roshan Raul (Sports Physio), Jeeth Devaiah (Sports Fitness Trainer) and Progressive Trainer Lalit Dharmani.

120-days fitness festival

Mission Fit India is India’s first 120-days fitness festival and an initiative by Bollywood actor Suneil Shetty, Yog Rishi Baba Ramdev, Acharya Balkrishna. The campaign is based on the theme of “Ab Hoga Fitness, Baayein haath ka khel” and encourages mental and physical health. India’s first and biggest Fitness and Wellness Festival is being organised by Fever FM.

The 120-days fitness festival was launched recently in New Delhi by Suniel Shetty in the presence of Yoga Guru – Yog Rishi Baba Ramdev and Acharya Balkrishna, Managing Director of Patanjali.

The campaign will across 43 cities

The campaign is divided into four phases and will reach people across 43 cities in the country. The four phases spread over 120 days are ‘Fit Basics’, ‘Suniel Ki Sena’, ‘Fitness Wars’ ’ and ‘Finale’. Each phase addresses a key challenge that people face in their endeavour to get fit.

‘Fit basics’ addresses the myths and excuses that people often encounter. In this phase, audience can interact with Suniel Shetty who will give personalized fitness advice to listeners. In the second phase, ‘Suniel Ki Sena’, 21 fitness experts from various regime of fitness including Vrinda Mehta (Celebrity Fitness Trainer), Kanchan Koya (Creator of Spice Spice Baby) and Vivek Ratnani (Celebrity Chef) amongst others, will guide the listeners on fitness, simple exercises, mental health, body transformation, wellness and nutrition.

The third phase of the campaign will see the RJs across 43 cities of Fever FM and My FM, enter a challenge to become the fittest. Each RJ shall also select a listener from their respective city, who will take up the challenge with them. The teams shall over the next few weeks, follow a carefully crafted fitness and wellness plan by Suniel Shetty and his ‘Sena’.

Challenge to be proven fittest

In the final phase of Mission Fit India, the top performing RJs and their buddies will travel to Uttarakhand for a concentrated transformation challenge where they shall fight it out to be proven fittest.

Mission Fit India will play out daily across 13 Fever FM cities and 30 My FM cities. The reach of the campaign will further be amplified through digital platforms and strategic tie-ups with Jio Cinema, Jio Music, Savan and Tata Sky, which shall host unique video and audio content.

The campaign will be promoted across print media in the country and will be supported by various on ground activations taking the cumulative reach of this campaign up to a staggering 220 million people across the country.

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