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ALLEN launches a Super app for PG Medical Aspirants

Students aspiring to clear NEET PG, INI-CET, and FMGE exams to benefit from ALLEN NExT App
ALLEN has announced the launch of the ALLEN NExT App, a cutting-edge platform designed to provide PG medical students with a comprehensive solution for NEET-PG, INI-CET, and FMGE exam preparation. The app offers a range of unique features and resources, setting it apart from other exam preparation platforms in the market. On the occasion of launching the app Director of Allen Career Institute Private Limited Dr. Govind Maheshwari, Rajesh Maheshwari, Naveen Maheshwari and Dr. Brijesh Maheshwari were present.
Aman Maheshwari, Whole Time Executive, ALLEN NExT Vertical, said, “Our goal with the ALLEN NExT App is to make the medical PG entrance exam preparation process simpler and more accessible for students, regardless of their hectic schedules. By providing a complete roadmap to crack NEET-PG, INI-CET, and FMGE exams, we aim to empower PG medical students to achieve their academic and professional goals with ease.”
The life of a PG medical student is challenging, to say the least. Balancing a hectic internship schedule with the daunting task of preparing for exams can be overwhelming. However, with the launch of the ALLEN NExT App and its comprehensive course packages Alpha, Beta, and Delta, the way Medical PG students prepare for their exams is about to change for the better.
The app eliminates the need for multiple resources and provides up-to-date  and concise academic content from exclusive star faculties. The three comprehensive course packages – Alpha, Beta, and Delta – cater to the diverse needs of students while ensuring they have access to the best resources for their preparations.
Alpha Course: This package offers a blend of offline classroom learning and revision. It includes 700+ hours of videos, Extra Edge videos for acing a good rank, clinical skill videos for NExT stage-2, 200+ hours of rapid revision videos, 10,000+ question bank covering previous year questions, RACE, and clinical questions, along with 200+ subject-wise minor and major tests, digital and printed notes.
Beta Course: This package is designed for online learning and revision. It includes all the resources from the Alpha course, such as 700+ hours of videos, clinical skill videos, Extra Edge videos, 200+ hours of rapid revision videos, 10,000+ questions, and 200+ subject-wise minor and major tests, along with digital and printed notes.
Delta Course: This package focuses on practice with 10,000+ questions and 200+ subject-wise tests and major tests.
Feature-rich App for Enhanced Learning
Its designed to help students increase their knowledge through daily quizzes, conceptual video sections, latest news updates, exam information, and a video bank that covers concepts tested in NEET-PG, INI-CET, FMGE, and NExT. With over 700+ hours of content available in English and Hinglish, the app is taught by a team of experienced and exclusive star faculties.
In addition to the main video content, the app offers Extra-edge videos, clinical videos, and practical videos to provide a deeper understanding of clinical topics, making students NExT-ready. A set of 200+ last-minute revision videos, MCQ discussion videos, image discussion videos, updates, and instrument videos are also included in the app.
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