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Abira launch reflects AI and automation in India

Navneet Kr. Gupta

Newswave @ New Delhi

All India Council of Robotics and Automation (AICRA) launched a series of  robotic kits named as Abira. The launch ceremony on 25th December in the conference Hall of Robo Haat Office in block X of Phase II in Okhla New Delhi Office.

Abira is India based premium product for education research kit that is manufactured by young researchers. It is best in class. Abira products are known for its quality, which support multipurpose tools for easy learning of robotics and STEM education.

Abira with motto of Sharing Knowledge alongwith Quality building open source products for students, teachers, innovators and scientists of all age group from kindergarten to higher education. Those who are a kid, hobbyist or an undergraduate and looking for research kit for engineering projects, they are providing worldwide accepted built in class multipurpose DIY hardware kit for your all solutions.

The technical head of the project Mr. Sanjeet Kuhad threw light on the details of all the 13 kits launched. Among these 11 were of Robotic series and 2 were of Radio Control (RC) plan series.

He also explained about the cost effectiveness of the product in comparison to the international played of the same kind of products. He said that the product which is provided in the nominal price ranging from Rs 1950 to Rs 6950 is available in the price range of Rs 14500 to Rs 45000 in US market. Now when we go to down south, the nation like Australia sells the same kind of product in the price range of Rs 10500 – Rs 35000.

The names of all 13 products :

  • Advance Multi-Purpose DIY Robotics Kit
  • Gesture Controlled DIY Kit
  • ESP Controlled DIY Kit
  • Bluetooth Controlled DIY Kit
  • DTMF Controlled DIY Kit
  • Line Follower DIY Robotic Kit
  • Light seeking DIY Robotic Kit
  • Obstacle Avoider DIY Robotic Kit
  • Wireless RF Based DIY Kit
  • ATmega8 Controlled DIY Kit
  • X-Bee Controlled DIY Kit
  • DIY Abira RC aircraft
  • DIY Abira RC aircraft Mini

Multi-Purpose DIY Robotics Kit

Advance Multi-Purpose DIY Robotics Kit contains all parts you need to make a robot to work. The kit can be used to develop ten different projects such as Line Follower robot, Obstacle avoider robot, Mobile phone controlled robot, and Bluetooth enable Robot and many more.

Gesture Controlled DIY Kit, ESP Controlled DIY Kit, Bluetooth Controlled DIY Kit, DTMF Controlled DIY Kit, Line Follower DIY Robotic Kit, Light seeking DIY Robotic Kit, Obstacle Avoider DIY Robotic Kit, and Wireless RF Based DIY Kit are for all robotics enthusiasts starting from beginner level to expert level at economical cost.

The Abira kits are the best example of frugal innovation in India. India requires such frugal innovation and innovators of future technologies can boost flagship programs promoted by Government of India. These kinds of works boost and strengthen PM Narendra Modi’s Make in India, Digital India and Skill India campaigns.

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